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Gum disease affects millions of people around the world, but many people don’t even realize that they have it! If you notice that your gums appear red and inflamed or they feel sensitive to the touch, now is the time to consider periodontal therapy in McAllen, TX with Dr. Tijerina! He has multiple treatments designed to stop the infection in its tracks and save the healthy gum tissue you have left. Schedule an appointment with him today and his team will help you get started!

Scaling & Root Planing

The most basic treatment for treating advanced gum disease, scaling and root planing is very effective at removing plaque and tartar from areas above and below the gum line. This stops the infection of your gums from spreading and reduces future recession, a symptom commonly caused by gum disease. You’ll need to visit our dental office once every three to four months for treatment. Thankfully, our soft tissue laser therapy can make the process much easier.

Peridex Antibiotic Therapy

Also known as Chlorhexidine, Peridex is a topical antiseptic designed to clean areas of the body prior to treatment. In this case, it is used to clean the gums after we’ve removed plaque and tartar from the teeth. It dramatically reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth and is generally used to treat symptoms of gingivitis, which include swelling, redness, and bleeding. It’s a great way to reach all the deep areas of the mouth that often go missed.

Arestin Antibiotic Therapy

In between your deep cleanings, we need to make sure that your gum disease does not come back. Following your scaling and root planing treatment, we’ll apply Arestin antibiotic to the deep pockets of your gums. Once applied, the antibiotic slowly absorbs into the gums throughout the day. Overall, it works to directly treat infected gum tissue, reduce the risk of the infection coming back, and promote healing of the gums so they can be ready for future deep cleaning treatment.

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