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Root Canal Therapy

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Patients are often put on-edge when they hear their dentist mention that they require a root canal in McAllen. This is widely due to the fact that there are so many rumors about this procedure floating around, but none of them are actually true. Tooth infections cause severe toothaches, and without timely treatment, these teeth may ultimately need to be extracted to restore your oral health. We understand that there’s no substitution for your natural pearly white, which is why we’ll always try to save your tooth with root canal therapy. In many cases, this treatment is the one thing that can help our patients go on to enjoy a natural, complete smile for the rest of their lives.

What Happens During a Root Canal?
Root canal treatment typically takes place over the course of two appointments, the first is the actual treatment, and the follow-up consists of placing your permanent dental crown over the treated tooth. There’s no need to be scared or worried if Dr. Tijerina prescribes root canal therapy, because before the process even begins, we’ll make sure that the area that’s going to be treated will be completely numb so you can’t feel a thing.

Once we’ve determined that you won’t feel any sensations during treatment, our team will access the inner chamber of your tooth by making a small entry into the biting surface of it. This will provide us access to the infected pulp of your tooth that’s causing your pain. Dr. Tijerina will remove the damaged pulp and sanitize the inner chamber of the tooth, making sure no harmful bacteria are left to linger. He’ll restore the structure of your tooth with a substance called gutta percha, and finally, top off your treated tooth with a temporary crown until your permanent one is crafted.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal
There are several different signs that can point to you needing a root canal. Some of these include:

A pimple-like bump on the gums near the effected tooth
A severe, lingering toothache that won’t go away
Dental sensitivity
Pain while chewing or biting
Swollen or tender gums
Deep decay or gum discoloration
If you experience any of these signs, contact our office and schedule an emergency appointment today.

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