While traditional dental bridges and dentures have been ideal for replacing teeth for a very long time, they only solve one half of the problem that is tooth loss. Since they only sit on top of teeth, they don’t do anything to address the underlying bone structures of your mouth and jaw, which means that they only continue to atrophy. Dental implants in McAllen, TX are the only treatment that effectively addresses these problems head-on. Schedule an appointment or request a consultation to see if you are a candidate for dental implants!

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  • Offers Teeth in a Day/All-on-4 Treatment

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are placed directly into the jaw so they can integrate with existing bone and soft tissue. In some cases, an abutment is placed inside of the post so that it can provide stable foundation for the eventual restoration that will go on top. Prior to the restoration placement, the implant needs to heal over a period of about four to six months. You can easily replace single or multiple teeth in this way.

Benefits of Dental Implants

One of the most notable benefits of dental implants is their ability to mimic tooth roots almost exactly. This makes the implant truly feel like a natural tooth through and through, despite it being made from titanium and porcelain materials. Since the implant undergoes a process known as “osseointegration”, which is a process where the post physically integrates with your jaw bone, you can expect your tooth replacement to last well over 30 years.

Furthermore, dental implant treatment has success rates as high as 98 percent on average, so you can feel confident about your upcoming treatment. Since the implant becomes truly part of your smile, blood flow will continue to occur to the cheeks and face, ensuring the best esthetics not just for your teeth, but your overall facial structure as well. Plus, the implant does all of the heavy lifting, which means you won’t have to make modifications to existing teeth just to replace your missing ones!

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

If you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or all the teeth in your smile, you can get them replaced with dental implants. Check out how Dr. Tijerina and his team get it done below!

Missing Single Tooth

A single implant post is placed inside of the jaw, the gum tissue is stitched shut, and the implant is given several months to heal. If we determine that an abutment is necessary, we’ll place it directly into the implant post and give it an additional few weeks to heal with your gum tissue. Finally, a porcelain crown is placed on top thanks to its esthetics and durability.

Missing Multiple Teeth

In most cases, a pair of dental implants can be used to hold a customized dental bridge. Whether it has three or four crowns total and you need to replace just as many teeth, you likely won’t need three or four implants to get it done. Not only that, but you won’t have to remove existing enamel to place it since the implants manage all of the heavy-lifting.

Missing All Teeth

By taking full advantage of your healthy bone tissue, we can replace an entire arch of teeth by placing four to six implants strategically throughout the jaw. Then, we can place the restoration on top, whether it’s a full or partial denture for the top or bottom arch! We also offer Teeth in a Day, a treatment that lets you leave the dental office with a new smile the same day as your implant surgery!

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The 4 Step Dental Implant Process

When you visit Dr. Tijerina for dental implants, you can have the entire process completed right here in our dental office. Since there are two major steps in implant placement, including the surgical placement and the addition of an abutment and crown, most cases will require multiple visits to complete. Furthermore, the length of your treatment will vary depending on how complex your oral health needs are. For example, a single tooth implant will always be easier and quicker to complete compared to a 3-unit bridge.

To learn how dental implants work in McAllen, we’ve broken down the process below:Read More

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Although dental implants have been around for quite some time, they were not the “go-to” tooth replacement for most dentists and patients until recently. Now, they are considered the superior and preferred option for those with missing teeth. And while this tooth-replacement solution is known for having a higher upfront cost, few are aware of the factors that play a role in the final price. With this in mind, keep reading to learn what to expect!

CBCT Technology Aids Precise Treatment Planning

Placing dental implants in exactly the right position is essential for ensuring the treatment’s long-term success. That is why Dr. Tijerina has invested in a CBCT machine, also called a cone beam scanner. The machine uses advanced imaging technology to provide your dentist with a detailed, three-dimensional view of your jawbone, the roots of your remaining natural teeth, your nerves, and your connective tissues. Armed with this information, he is able to plan your implant procedure in the best way possible.

Dental Implants Post-Op Instructions

You may be nervous about what happens after dental implant surgery, but as long as you follow our instructions and take care of your mouth in the days that follow, you can expect your smile to heal with little to no problem. Below are some important tips to keep in mind so that you have an idea of what the process will be like and what you can do to help it along. Call us immediately if you suffer from intense pain or any unexpected side effects.

Maintaining & Caring for Your Dental Implants

Dental implants have an extremely high success rate, but their long-term survival largely depends on you and your ability to take care of them. Dental implants that become significantly damaged may need to be replaced, and they’re likely to fail if the tissues around them become infected. If you want your new smile to last the rest of your life, then be sure to take the precautions and follow the health habits listed down below.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dental Implants

Many people don’t believe that replacing their teeth is possible outside of dental bridges and dentures. When they realize that dental implants can not only replace their teeth, but do so in a way that is truly natural-looking and long-lasting, they’re quite surprised! No matter what questions you have about dental implant treatment, Dr. Tijerina is happy to help however he can. Feel free to browse through a handful of the most common questions he hears!

Does insurance cover dental implants?

In most cases, dental implant placement is not actually covered by dental insurance. However, that does not mean you cannot expect coverage for other aspects of the treatment. For example, if you need preparatory treatments like bone grafting or gum therapy, you may be able to receive coverage. The restorations used to cover the implants themselves may also receive partial coverage, but this depends on the type of plan you have. We’ll go over your insurance benefits in great detail beforehand so you have a better idea of what to expect.

How long do dental implants last?

When placed by a professional, dental implants have the ability to last 30 years or longer when properly maintained. In many cases, dental implants can even last for the rest of the patient’s life. This is thanks to the strong bonding phase of treatment known as osseointegration. While dental implants can last a very long time, it is imperative to continue practicing daily brushing and flossing as well as maintain routine visits to our office. While dental implants do last for many decades and the crown portion is not capable of developing cavities, they can still fail if not properly taken care of.

How long does the dental implant process take? 

The length of your dental implant treatment largely depends on how complex your needs are. For example, single dental implants and implant/denture-retained implant treatments take between four and six months because of the healing phase that must occur. However, if you choose All-on-4 dental implants, you can receive your implants and restoration the same day! While this treatment still requires months of healing to complete, you won’t have to live without a restoration.

Can dental implants replace front teeth?

Absolutely! Just because dental implants are more involved than simple dental crowns doesn’t mean they can’t still look natural in your smile. Not only are the ceramics used to restore the teeth made from high-quality porcelain, but Dr. Tijerina makes sure that the implants are not visible underneath the skin. This ensures a truly natural-looking appearance.

Is the dental implant process painful?

In the overwhelming majority of cases, patients experience very little to no discomfort during the actual implant treatment. This is because we make sure to thoroughly numb all treatment areas with local anesthetic, effectively removing any and all sensations during surgery. However, just like with any oral surgery, there is some mild discomfort that can appear after the anesthetic wears off. This can be managed with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. If you experience severe discomfort for multiple days after your treatment, call our office right away.