A toothache can take a few different forms. Maybe you notice severe discomfort whenever you put something hot or cold in your mouth. There might be pain whenever you bite down on something. Or perhaps there’s a constant throbbing that refuses to go away. No matter what the nature of your tooth pain is, you can’t afford to ignore; in many cases, dental pain is a symptom of an even larger problem that could end with tooth loss! Call Dr. Tijerina for an appointment right away if you’re suffering from a recurring tooth pain. The sooner you have a proper diagnosis done, the easier it will be to stop the pain and save the tooth!

Why Choose Tijerina Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for Toothaches?

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  • Same-Day Appointments for Emergencies

What Causes Toothaches?

There are actually a few possible reasons why your tooth might be in pain, and finding the root cause is essential to solving the problems. Some of the reasons for a toothache might include:

  • Extensive tooth decay that went untreated for too long.
  • A dental abscess (bacterial infection) that formed inside the tooth.
  • A tooth fracture that exposed the pulp to harmful bacteria.
  • Previously placed fillings that were damaged.
  • Frequent clenching or grinding of the teeth (which could also wear down the enamel in addition to causing discomfort).
  • Severe, untreated gum disease.
  • Wisdom teeth becoming impacted, meaning they’re trapped underneath the gums.

How is a Toothache Diagnosed and Treated?

Some forms of home treatment, such as painkillers, might temporarily relieve your pain, but you’ll need Dr. Tijerina to examine it if you want a long-term solution. During your appointment, we’ll take an X-ray of the tooth in question and perform a physical examination of the tooth. We’ll specifically look for signs of decay or infection as well as other dental problems that could contribute. The nature of the pain you’re experiencing is often an important clue when making a diagnosis, so please be as specific as possible when describing your symptoms.

If your toothache is caused by a cavity, you might require a filling. In cases where the pulp itself has been infected, a root canal might be required to prevent further damage. (Antibiotics might also be prescribed if this is the case.) In the worst-case scenario, the tooth might have to be extracted altogether if it’s beyond salvaging.

What Happens if My Toothache Goes Away?

If your pain suddenly goes away, it’s no cause to celebrate. It might actually be a sign that the problem is becoming even worse. When an infection occurs inside the tooth, eventually the nerves in the pulp are completely destroyed. The tooth will no longer hurt at that point, but the infection will continue to spread past the roots. At that point, not only may the tooth be compromised, but the rest of your jaw could be at risk as well. In other words, you still need to see Dr. Tijerina as soon as you can!